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About Us
Products Range

Standard Enterprises Bellows is a leading Manufacturer of all types of Non-Metallic Bellows & Covers used in all types of Industries.

Bellows & Covers are used in machine to prevent dust particles, metallic chips, foreign particles to enter into precision or important part of the machine to avoid damages to it and give longer life to the machine part to avoid brake down of machine.

High Temperature Glass Fabric Expanssion Bellows

High temperature glass/ ceramic fabric bellows are used where there is continues high temp
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High Temperature Glass Fabric Expanssion Joint

We developed high quality Non-Metallic Fabric Expansion Joints from Heat Resisting Fabrics. 
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Round / Square, Hexagonal, Octagonal Bellows


Round / Square, Hexagonal, Octagonal Bellows as normally used to cover the Piston Rod, Shafts, Ball Screws from dust

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Bellows Cover
Leather Bellows Rubber Expanssion Joint
Rubber Bellows Bellows
Non Metallic Bellows Silicon Coated Fabric Bellows
Leather Bellows Foam Bellows
High Temperature Fabric Bellows Hexagonal Bellow
Square Bellows Round Leather Bellows
Canvas Square Expanssion Joint    


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Contact Us
Contact Person : R. Rajesh / K. Deepak
Unit No 201, Devendra Industrial Estate, Lokmanya Nagar 2, Pokharan Road No 2, Thane (W) 400606, Maharashtra, India
Tel. : (022) 64505056
Telefax : +91-25447040
Mobile : 9821847040 / 9892226859 / 09967942000
Email :



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